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Our Vision and Philosophy

To create an environment for children that builds their self-esteem, that fosters in them, a belief in themselves and a knowledge that they are here for a reason, they are perfect just as they are and so too is everyone else.  They will see for themselves and others a life full of potential and unlimited possibilities.  
We believe in order to do this, children need to be children.  We celebrate childhood and the natural inquisitiveness, curiosity and imagination of children.   We embrace this, working alongside children, encouraging independent learning through the following of their own curiosity, wherever this may take them, helping them to gather knowledge and information along the way.  This empowers them to become independent lifelong learners. 
We celebrate children, their families and the community and consider High Five to be its own community, embracing the wider community as a whole. We take pride in our bi-cultural country and diversity of cultures and create an environment that unites us in the spirit of community, family and trust. Through parent and community involvement we foster a warm, friendly family atmosphere for the children and community as a whole.
Respect is a key component of everything we stand for, respect for ourselves, each other, the natural world and environment.  To respect oneself, children need to understand their emotions and feelings and those of others, in our centres.  We embrace every opportunity to help children learn about their emotions and understand those of others, thus fostering a loving, caring community, based on co-operation and trust.
It is important to us that children appreciate and respect the natural world and to see that we live in an abundant universe.  Children learn this through growing their own fruit and vegetables, caring for animals, observing the wonder of nature and understanding how to care for their environment.

Educational statement

High Five is the expression of an unfolding vision.  It was founded to create a care and education centre for young children in which would promote respectful values and this is still true to our practise today.
High Five provides a fun and stimulating environment where children can be children, feel safe, and are respected as individuals. Children have the opportunity to express themselves creatively, physically, mentally, emotionally and culturally. Children are encouraged to play within set limits and boundaries that promote self-esteem and empower them to learn and know that life is full of unlimited possibilities.
High Five provides an environment that facilitates communication and where families/whānau and caregivers are warmly welcomed and their contributions valued and encouraged.  We recognise the intimate relationships required between the home and the centre.
Your child and family are important to us.
High Five is designed and set up to cater for three different developmental levels. Smaller groups enhance learning opportunities for specialised groups.
Our infant room provides a safe nurturing environment, caring for the physical and emotional needs of infants and toddlers. It offers a warm social setting that enhances positive, trusting relationships with both adults and children.  We provide a primary caregiving system to facilitate that relationship.
High Five Junior School caters for children around 19months to 3 years children. This area has an adult to child ratio that supports the blend between care and education. Children have opportunities for developing independence and self-help skills and where literacy and numeracy are merged within the centre routines.
The Senior school focuses on motivating curiosity and a desire to learn, providing an atmosphere of curiosity and imagination.
Programmes are designed to provide an environment that is supportive and challenging and where the children’s individual needs are paramount.
Programmes are based on individual children’s interests following Te Whaariki, the National Early Childhood Curriculum guidelines, developed by the Ministry of Education.
A commitment to the heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand is reflected in the curriculum while also recognising the cultural diversity of our community.
High Five promotes care and respect for ourselves, others and the environment.
Fundamental to High Five’s vision, is the aspirations of Te Whaariki….
 “For children to grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society”.
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