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Parents Feedback

It was so wonderful to see you again today after so many years. It brought back a lot of happy memories for us. It has been a reflective time coming up to Karl’s first anniversary so it was lovely for Fox and I to remember happy family times when Karl was with us. Fox was pumped - he wasn’t sure if anyone would remember him but he was thrilled that you were all there! He is an amazing child with a big heart for people. I am so proud of him he is a fine young man. He will talk about the re-union today for months - I’m sure of that. You have an infectious enthusiasm for what you do Stacy and it’s amazing that after all these years you still have the same passion and heart for it. You are a blessing. Never underestimate how important your work is for families, it might not feel like it at times, but you are creating life-long memories and that is so powerful. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas to you and your extraordinary team.

My son has had such a wonderful time at high five developing strong relationships with his peers and teachers. These relationships will have a lasting impression on his life. If they say it takes a village to raise a child, then High Five is our village.

Every day after dropping my son at High Five, I turn to my husband in the car and say “I absolutely love High Five, these people are just so wonderful”. And more importantly, all our children love High Five – the fun, the love, the laughter, the food, the games, the songs, and the true sense of family. I am so thankful to have had High Five caring for my children – it’s been nearly a decade since our first baby started at High Five and many of the same carers that looked after her and her younger sister, now look after her little brother. The outdoor garden and play space are fabulous, and I’m always impressed by the creative uses they make of the indoor spaces. I love the way High Five encourages kids to engage with the world on their own terms, while also providing them with lots of child-focused learning and experiences. Probably the most amazing thing to me is the carers’ smiles – how they manage to be so happy after spending an entire day with small children is beyond me! I can’t recommend High Five enough, they are a really special bunch of people.  Thanks, Jillian

High Five has become our son's second family! We feel so grateful for all the love and support he receives from the staff and are proud of all the milestones he has achieved with the help of his High Five friends! We love their focus on children being children and know that our son does too! 

High five is a second home for my children, the feeling of family/whanau is immeasurable, my kids love it!"
My son is happy to go to High Five and wants to go even on his days off!"
High Five was like a second family to my kids and I, and they had such an amazing time at the daycare.
I loved the family feel to the centre and that all staff members go above and beyond to ensure the kid's happiness.
My girls loved the pets, the huge outdoor area, the "secret garden" and that they got to help with the baking etc.
We will never find another centre like High Five, and will miss everyone dearly" - Stacey​
Everytime I go to pick up my child a teacher always tells me a positive story about something that has happened with my child"
My children know they are loved at high five"
Tepa is a wonderful primary caregiver for my baby, he loves her!"
High five has interesting learning opportunities for my children which match with the NZ curriculum and the treaty of waitangi"
We are so happy with High Five, and our daughter is so happy there. The staff are really experienced and so practical in their approach. We love the structure of the day with a balance of activities and free play. We would recommend the centre to anyone"
High five offer awesome extra curricular activities like trips to te papa, the library, discos, fish n chip evenings"
I am so reasured to have my children happy during the day as I have to work 5 days a week. my son knows how to do so many things thanks to high five....he is now really well set up to start school!!!"
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