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Fee Payment Policy

High Five is a private Early Education Centre providing quality education and care for your children aged 0-5 years.  To maintain this quality, fees are charged, and parent/s are expected to make their fee payments in a prompt and timely manner.  Failure to pay will result in their child’s exclusion from High Five.
Belonging, Goal 3 - Parents experience an environment where they feel comfortable with the routines, customs and regular events.
A booking fee of $100 is charged as a condition of enrolment; this is non-refundable if you cancel your child’s place before the intended start date, this is a requirement when the centre is full as spaces will be held in relation to payment of this booking fee being received.
Your first automatic payment will begin on the first week of the agreed start date. Your $100 booking fee will be deducted from this amount. 
Our accounts and attendance week starts on Monday and ends on Friday and our fees and charges are collated in this manner.
All fees are to be paid by automatic payment weekly or fortnightly.
Fees are paid for fifty two weeks each year regardless of absences, statutory holidays, illness, family holidays or teacher only days (2 annually).
All fees are GST inclusive.
A holiday holding fee of $20/booked day will apply or 50% of your fee (whichever is the lower) if you are going away for a period of longer than 3 weeks, this is based on the prior 4 weeks of enrolment before you leave.
We do not swap days of attendance for any other day.  If you require an extra day, please ask the Centre Manger and your child may attend if there is a vacancy on that day.  This will be considered an additional day and will be charged on your account on that basis.  Please check schedule of charges displayed in Centre entranceway.
Parent/s are required to give three weeks’ notice to leave the centre or for requesting increases or decreases to enrolment.  Accurate written documentation will reduce any account discrepancies or incorrect charges.  Please be aware that requested changes may not be possible. 
A late fee will be charged if parents are late to collect their child or dropping your child off outside of your child’s booked time if it has not previously been arranged with staff prior.
The charges are:
  • $25 for every 15 minutes after 6 pm
  • $9 per hour before and after booked times
For overdue accounts the following procedure will occur:
  1. If you do not pay your fees you will receive a letter in your parent pocket advising the outstanding amount.
  2. Payment in full of the overdue amount is required within seven days of the statement, if unable to pay the full amount, admin must be contacted and a payment plan put in place.
  3. If full payment of overdue fees is not received within seven days, or you have not made arrangements with High Five Management to pay the outstanding amount, the following procedures will be put in place and your child's enrolment at High Five may be at risk.
  • A second letter confirming your overdue account and final
         notification of debt.
  • If no arrangements have been made the account will be forwarded to Credit Consultants Debt Services NZ LTD.  All
     costs in relation to collection of overdue accounts will be added to your account.
    Parents Statement of Accounts will be produced:
Weekly via Email
As requested by parents
Any changes to the fee schedule will be entirely at the discretion of management.  Parents will be given at least one month’s notification of any changes.
WINZ childcare subsidies are available for families on low incomes. (WINZ criteria apply)
A 10% discount on each subsequent child may be available when two or more children from the same family are enrolled.
There is also a 15% discount for Police families.
Discounts will be entirely at the discretion of management.
High Five offers 20hours ECE for 3 and 4 year olds.
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