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Privacy & Legal Policies

High Five believes that children, teachers, parent/s and whaanau have the right to privacy and High Five will uphold this believe through the following procedures.
Well Being Goal 2 - Children, teachers, parent/s and whaanau experience an environment where their emotional well being is nurtured.
  • All information collected by High Five on children, families, staff will only be used for the purpose it was intended.
  • Draft observations are done on children for programme planning.  These are only shared between the child’s family and teachers.  Your child’s profile will be shown to others as an example only if you have agreed.  Profiles can be viewed by parent/s at any time, and are given to parent/s to keep when the child leaves the centre.
  • Student teachers also do observations on children for their assignments, these observations do not use names.  Students will also be required to gain parent permission if they are observing a particular child for their assignment work.
  • Enrolment forms are kept at the centre and the information used daily by staff.  Old enrolment forms are filed and stored for a period of seven years (this is a Ministry of Education requirement).  After seven years the enrolment forms are securely destroyed.
  • Attendance rolls (sign in sheets), accident charts, and medicine charts are also kept for seven years and then securely destroyed.
  • Parent/s have the right to access personal information held by the centre and change any incorrect details. 
The centre’s privacy officer is the Managing Supervisor/Centre Manager.  The role of the privacy officer is to enforce compliance with the privacy act and deal with requests and complaints.
Date: February 2004
Review Date: February 2008
Last Reviewed: December 2007

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